Items Most Likely To Get Damaged During A Move

Items Most Likely To Get Damaged During A Move

While moving to a new location, certain items need more care in order to protect them against any potential damage. Glassware, dinnerware, antiques, and collectables are common items that you expect to be damaged when moving. It is important to use the proper packing materials for these fragile possessions such as boxes with double-thick walls, soft packing paper to avoid scratches and plenty of bubble wrap for layering between pieces. If it is possible, keep valuable items with you and transport them yourself during the move. Here are some items that may be at risk because people don’t realize how easily they can be damaged and therefore receive less care when packing for a move.

Lampshades and Lamps – Because of their awkward shapes, lamps are not always properly packed. You should:

  • Before packing, remove the bulbs.
  • Use a different box for the lampshade (s). Lampshades can be kept together if they fit properly. Take care not to bend or force the shades into small space.
  • To keep the lamp base from moving within the box, wrap it in plenty of packing paper.

Electronic Items – Computers, stereo equipment, DVD players, and printers are valuable items that require special care:

  • Discard all discs, toner, cartridges, and batteries.
  • If possible, use the original boxes.
  • Use plenty of bubble wrap to pack the items carefully
  • Remote controls, cables, and other accessories should be packed with the equipment.
  • Label everything so that you can easily match it to the correct device. Also, to reduce the risk of damage, make sure these items are securely wrapped.
  • Packing electronic items together by without significant padding between each item is not recommended. Separate them with towels and blankets.

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