Local Moving In Kolkata

Checklist for Local Moves In Kolkata

It’s best to have a plan in place to ensure your move goes off without a hitch. The most important decision you must make is which local packers and movers to hire.

Planning Your Move

A move involves more than just hiring packers and movers. A detailed plan that begins months before your move will benefit you in the long run by allowing for an easy transition from your current location to your new location.

Here’s our local moving checklist!

Three months before your relocation

You should do the following 12 to 9 weeks before your move:

  • Set tentative dates and times for your relocation.
  • Determine whether you will require only heavy lifting, packing and unpacking, or storage as well.
  • Get quotes from three different packers and movers for your move.
  • Purchase a new home, apartment, or residence, or begin the rental process in your new location.
  • Register your children for school in your new school district, if applicable.

Two months before your relocation

You should do the following 8 weeks before your move:

  • Sort through your belongings. Make a list of what you will not be bringing with you and plan to sell or donate those items to local charities.
  • Make a moving binder to store your moving checklist, receipts, quotes, estimates, and inventory.

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